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The value of pensions and investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.
Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.
The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning.
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A little bit about John Bernas ...
John Bernas ACSI, dip PFS has been providing professional financial planning advice since 1985.
Bernas Coni Warren was founded by John in 1991: to provide clients with plain-English personal financial planning assistance, where the emphasis is very much on you the client.
John has helped to train over 100 other financial planners and financial advisers in technical areas, such as Inheritance Tax planning.
John's professional qualifications include the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate.
John was one of the very first members (a 'Founder Member') of the UK's Institute of Financial Planning; is a diploma member of the Personal Finance Society; is an associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment; and follows a program of continuous professional development.
John Bernas

Financial Planning and You
You make plans when you want to achieve something.
But do you give any more thought to your financial future than to, for example, arranging a holiday?
You're probably too busy with other things in life, and just don't have the knowledge or incentive to sort out the big, boring financial stuff.
That's where a professional financial planner can help ...
What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning is:
Learning about you and your circumstances  
Helping you to clarify what it is you wish to achieve  
Analysing solutions, using expertise and experience  
Making clear recommendations, based on what's best for you  
Putting the recommendations into place  
Reviewing your position in the future - to monitor progress and cater for any changes  

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Our Services
We can help you to:
Organise your financial affairs
Protect your financial well-being, and that of your family
Improve your long-term finances
Invest tax-efficiently for the future
In terms of financial products, such as investments / pension plans / life cover / etc., we offer a range of solutions from over 30 different product-providers.
These providers have different products and/or funds we select from.
We are, if you like, your "buying agent" - selecting what's right for you personally. We work for you - not for a life assurance company or bank.
We only recommend solutions which you'd actually want to have. And if making no change is the best answer, then we're happy to say so.
More objectively, we can help with areas such as:
    Your family's financial security
Ensuring there will be enough money available for your family if you (or your partner) were to die prematurely.
    Mortgage-related life insurance
To pay off the mortgage, and so get rid of the burden of its monthly cost if you (or your partner) die prematurely.
    Critical Illness Cover (CIC)
Providing you with a cash sum in the event of surviving a major medical condition such as cancer or kidney failure.
    Educational fees planning
Private education or university can be very expensive - so investing in advance and life insurance are wise actions.
    Income Protection in case of ill-health
Providing you with some replacement income to pay the bills, if unable to continue earning due to a serious accident or ill-health.
    Investments, such as ISAs
Helping you to invest tax-efficiently for the future, with suitability to your feelings about investment risks.
    Pensions planning for retirement
Helping you to invest for when you're no longer earning: to be financially independent from having to continue working.
    Pension annuity and other 'at retirement' options
Getting a better and suitably-structured retirement income from your pension fund savings.
    Business owners' share protection
Ensuring that there will be money available for the business co-owners to carry on, in the event of a premature death.
    Estate planning & Inheritance Tax (IHT)
Providing for your heirs: reducing their Inheritance Tax bill and/or by creating a tax-free legacy fund for them.

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Our Clients
Our clients are men and women of all ages; and include business owners, employees, self-employed and retired people.
Our clients live in different parts of the UK, but most live in and around Bristol, since that's where we're based.
The one common theme is our clients' desire to receive honest expert advice which is in plain English, based on what's right for them, from an experienced and trustworthy professional.

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Our tax-planning and financial planning expertise will help you with the most appropriate route to achieve whatever your aims are.
If/when needed, we can co-ordinate the expertise of relevant other professionals (e.g. accountant or solicitor) for you: to utilise their areas of specialist skills, when appropriate.

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Every year there are changes in tax legislation. And almost every year there are different investment products available; and pension rules seem to change like the wind!
Your attitude to investment risk / volatility might change.
In addition, your circumstances and priorities might change: you might marry / divorce / move house / have children / retire / win the lottery (well, perhaps not) / become less able / inherit some money / get a promotion / etc. etc.
This means that most personal financial plans should be reviewed from time to time.
If you wish, we can review your financial plans periodically in the future.

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Our Fees & Remuneration
The work we do can be categorised into the following key elements:
  - collecting and collating your financial details
- helping to clarify your objectives
- analysis
- planning the solutions for you
- researching suitable options
- producing a recommendations report for you
- financial organisation
- arranging purchases and sales
- reviews and adjustments
- ongoing assistance if/when you need it.
  From these, it's the purchase of only some products which could generate remuneration paid by product-providers.
As with anything else in life, our view is that it's not in your best interest for advice to be skewed towards product purchases simply because they could generate commission.  
If we agree that part or all of the remuneration for our work is to be paid via product-provider(s), then that money will be offset against the amount you'll need to pay directly, to reduce it.
For example, if £500 of a total fee of £650 is to be paid via a product-provider, then the remaining fee payable directly by you would be only £150.
Often, clients don't need to write us cheques at all.
If an investment or annuity which we're arranging for you can facilitate adviser remuneration, then we'll let you know in advance exactly how much that payment is likely to be.  
A key benefit of the work we do for you is added value.
This could be by way of tax-savings / cheaper life insurance / higher pension income / etc.
There are less-tangible benefits as well: such as your comfort and satisfaction from arranging your important financial planning items in the most suitable way.
We work for you: together, we can achieve the results which are the most appropriate for you personally, based on your particular goals and individual circumstances.
Please contact us if you would like any additional information.

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If you are unhappy with our service
If you have a complaint about your adviser, or any financial advice you have received from your adviser, please contact us:
Quilter Financial Planning Complaints Department
Riverside House
The Waterfront
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE15 8NY
Email: QFPcomplaints@quilter.com
Tel: 0191 241 0700
If you cannot settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it to The Financial Ombudsman Service: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

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The editorial here does not constitute personal advice.
It reflects Bernas Coni Warren's understanding of current law and tax practice, and is without prejudice.
No liability shall attach.
Errors & Omissions Excepted.

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